Our Services


Our prefabrication process has become an integral part of our business model. The use of prefabricated electrical components has given us the ability to produce more consistent results without increasing costs on projects. All products are fabricated in an indoor facility where injury, waste, and mistakes are virtually non-existent. Once the products are labeled and packaged we then send them to the site at the exact time they are needed reducing storage needs, theft, and misplaced products again reducing additional costs. After the package is delivered, the install time is greatly reduced allowing the workers to focus on accuracy and quality.

  • Underground PVC duct banks
  • Pre-bending all large conduit in house to prevent wasted job site space
  • Overhead branch conduit racks
  • Pre-punch and assemble branch panels
  • Pre-cut support rod
  • Equipment disconnects with power whips and fuses
  • Rough in wall assemblies
  • Wire spooling
  • Uni-strut ceiling assemblies
  • Tailing out devices
  • Headwall units in coordination with other trades