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Security & CCTV


Whether your goal is to maintain perimeter security of a single area, a building or a campus, ECO can meet your needs. Our security engineers can help design the camera placement to ensure your valuable areas and equipment are monitored. Your local security teams can setup alerts and thresholds on a number of factors. Video review is quick through our design services, we will help build an effective camera layout.

  • CCTV
    • Wireless IP Security Cameras
    • Outdoor Commercial Security Cameras
    • CCTV Cameras for Business
    • IP CCTV Systems


ECO provides scalable access control systems from a single building to hundreds of locations with thousands of control points around the globe federated together for great visibility and ease of management. With ECO as your partner you don’t need to be a security expert as we will always be there to be your resident expert. We will assist you in designing a system that gives you exactly what you need, we will train you to use all the functions you system provides and we will be there any time you need our assistance.

  • PACS
    • Security Access Control Systems
    • Gate and Building Access Control
    • Biometric Access Control System
    • Door Access System Installation